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On Monday (April 16), the Grammy-nominated Power House MC J. Cole held a free show for fans in NYC, as many loyal fans lined up hours prior to the event in droves. J. Cole went on to perform the album in its entirety for his attendees, who had to be without their phones for the night. The following day, he held the same impromptu pop-up show but this time across the pond in London.  A few days later, J. Cole  revealed the artwork and track list to the 12-song LP and then released his new LP, KOD.

The album cover depicts a king looking like he was popping pills all night. Then as we look down we noticed under the king's robe, are his internal organs are filled with children taking various kinds of drugs. It doesn't stop there. Above the children are skeleton heads (death). Is this album glorifying addiction? By all means--NO!! Rather, it is creatively drawing attention to a growing problem in America....Opioids Addiction. What a powerful way to get the consumer's attention. The powerful message via album cover is only the beginning; each track brings forth J. Cole's message while taking us on a mind-blowing trip.

His fifth studio album is the long awaited follow-up to his 2016's "4 Your Eyez Only", which was his fourth consecutive Number One HipHop Album to date. This album is HOTTER than the hottest day in July!! The Album's initials K.O.D correspond with three different meanings and leaves the rest of the album OPEN to our interpretation.

  • Kids on Drugs
  • King Overdose
  • Kill our Demons

This LP proves to be another J. Cole Classic!!

J. Cole's "KOD" Track List

1. Intro

2. KOD

3. Photograph(One of my favorites)

4. The Cut Off [feat. Kill Edward]

5. ATM [Another Favorite/See Video]

6. Motiv8

7. Kevin's Heart

8. Brackets

9. Once an Addict(Interlude) [Lyrically Mind-Blowing]

10. Friends [feat. Kill Edward]

11. Window Pain (Outro)

12. 1985 (Intro to the Fall Off) [This one is STRAIGHT FIRE!!!]