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Remembering PRINCE: A Musical Icon



When PRINCE tragically died on April 21, 2016, the 57-year-old music icon was given a level of reverence usually reserved for royalty and rightfully so. 

There will never be another musician or celebrity like him, a testament to both the remarkable ways in which the world changed during his lifetime and his sheer idiosyncrasy. He passed away one year ago today at age 57 in his Paisley Park estate.

He was born Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis on June 7th, 1958, the son of two musicians. He started writing music while he was still in elementary school, banging out songs on his father’s piano, and he was playing and recording with local bands by the time he was a teenager. He signed a record contract when most people are preparing for their high school graduations, and he was one of the most popular musicians in the world within half a decade, overcoming initial reservations regarding his provocative appearance and speculation regarding his sexuality. (He tossed them aside with a laugh on albums like 1981’s sublime Controversy.) Thanks to mid-'80s hits like "Little Red Corvette," "Purple Rain," and "Adore," he kept pace with megastars like Michael Jackson and Madonna during one of the most of competitive periods in pop music history, and he remained a commercial and creative musical icon up to the day he took his last breath. He will always be missed but never forgotten. He is, He was, and will always be a symbol of musical excellence.

We’re all gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Today this life brings us to celebrate the first anniversary of PRINCE's untimely death, we will not only remember the MAN but also the MUSICALLY ICON.