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About Us

Founded in 2012 as a Live365.com radio station, Power316 Radio is an online radio station that was built on the foundation of TRUTH. True news, True stories and True Music. From R&B to Gospel to Hip-Hop to Neo-Soul - we believe the TRUTH is in the MUSIC.

Remember the glory days of R&B and Soul music back in the 60s, 70s and 80s? How about Neo-Soul crooners who brought the same deep soul in a funky new way? How about the golden years of Hip Hop during the 80s and 90s? That's when music touched your heart and soul. From Aretha Franklin telling us about RESPECT to Method Man Bringin' the Pain to Erica Campbell screaming for HELP - these genres come together as forms of TRUE music. We here at Power 316 Radio have the platform to display it all.

We believe that THE TRUTH is that The Most High gave His creation the ability to make music and regardless to whether we agree with or fully understand its message, THERE IS ALWAYS ONE THERE! Anything The Almighty allows, serves a purpose. So although the combination of all these genres may threaten your sensibilities, stop for a second, breathe, listen, and enjoy. Take a minute to hear TRUTH in the MUSIC.



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